About Erina 

I love words and stories and reading and talking about words and stories and reading                                                                

I work on lots of different projects at the same time. Right now:

  • I'm plotting out Deep In the Forest - adult literary crime book about secrets and cults.   My           great publishing team at Pantera Press will launch it in 2021

  •  I'm finishing up Dark Fox - the first in a young adult action thriller series about a girl warrior    who takes on a brutal military regime which wants to turn all girls into slaves.

  • And writing up my PhD research into girl warrior fiction called Blood and Ballgowns  about why girl warriors have to twirl about in ballgowns before they get to spill blood. 


In the past:

  • I've been a foreign correspondent for the ABC (won a Walkely Award)

  • I've been a TV reporter (came up with the concept with a couple of mates for the 3-hours live TV show, Recovery and convinced the ABC to back it)

  • I've loved teaching people about story telling and how to be powerful with great communication through my comm.s training and strategy business, Red River

And also: 

  • I love talking about and teaching people about story telling, creative writing and how to be powerful with great communication through my training and strategy business, Red River www.redriver.com.au


2010 - present
2010 - present
This is one of the places I write.