Compulsive, gripping and full of heart, The Serpent’s Skin ushers in Erina Reddan as a brilliant new voice in Australian fiction. 

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It’s a cold and wintery night in 1968 and ten-year-old

JJ’s mother isn’t home.

The cows are milked, the pigs fed, and her dad won’t

answer any questions.


Tessa takes charge, Tim teases, Philly retreats,

and JJ blames herself.


Their father works hard to keep up appearances, but

something’s not right.


It’s always been JJ’s job to cause trouble, but her sleuthing

wreaks havoc in their tight-knit community, and she

swears off  troublemaking for good.


Only fourteen years on she stumbles across a chance to

solve the dark mystery of her childhood.




Out March 2021

An extraordinary novel about overcoming male power, the strength of sibling bonds and the secrets that can haunt a family. Most of all, The Serpent’s Skin is about the many ways we prove our love.

Out in 2020

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